Dead in Thay (S&K)

Dead in Thay
Assult the Bloodgate.
As the Defenders of Daggerford reveled in the defeat of the Demon Baazka and therefore closing the portal which was active in the Floshin Estate, the tendays went by fairly uneventful. Than they found the location of Bloodgate Keep, a small fortress built over an old temple to Elemental Evil. There, the Thayans have constructed a portal to the Thaymount to transport their armies across Faerûn to the Sword Coast. Responding to Sir Isteval’s call to take the fight to the Thayans and drive them from the North. Isteval sent word that those willing to face the Thayans are to meet early in the morning at the Floshin Estate, north of Daggerford, ready for war. In order to close the Gate, which is being held open by Tarul Var, the Heroes must retrieve a key from each of the 4 Elemental Nodes: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, therefore closing the gates that are powering the Bloodgate. Not such an easy task, however the Heroes take up the challenge with question. Party 1 was given the task of retrieving the key from the Fire Node. So as the party was transported to the Fire Nexus. . . A blast of heat replaces the silvery light. Walls of fire encircle the area, but they flicker chaotically, sometimes revealing a larger area beyond. That area has rocky surfaces, some of which glow red-hot. All was going smoothly until . . At the center of a curving cavern, an orb the size of a human fist hangs from a thick black chain. The orb looks like molten lava, and the chain pulses with volcanic light. A roiling mass of fire swirls around the chain, sending burning tendrils whipping through the air. . . Between them and the key stood 4 Fire Grues!!!
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