Jekk Ironfist




Jekk Ironfist realized the significance of his last name
only recently. Like his shield dwarf father, he was a
gladiator in Hillsfar’s arena. His father, Kellack, was
known as Killer Ironfist because of his name and
because he fought with a black-iron cestus.
Sir Isteval and the rest of the Company of the Sunlit
Sea freed Jekk from the arena (though it was too late
for Kellack). Jekk fought beside them until the group
With time to contemplate his life, Jekk looked into
how his father had come to be a gladiator. Jekk discovered
that Ironfist wasn’t just a moniker but also the
name of a dwarf clan. Fortuitously, that clan had put
down roots near Daggerford, the home of Isteval. Jekk
seeks to learn more about his ancestors.
Recently, Jekk became embroiled in events around
Daggerford when he went to Firehammer Hold, a
dwarven citadel, to investigate the nature of an object
he suspected to be a dwarven relic. Duergar loyal to the
Red Wizards captured Jekk, but Isteval guided some of
his protégés to rescue the dwarf and free the hold.
Now Jekk wants to pay the Red Wizards back and
protect the Sword Coast.

Jekk Ironfist

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