Kelson Darktreader




Grandson of Elorfindar Floshin and a nephew to
Darfin, Kelson Darktreader is a half-elf approaching
two hundred years of age. He has served as Master of
the Hunt to generations of Daggerford dukes. No one
in Daggerford knows the Misty Forest and High Moor
better than Kelson.
The Huntmaster is taciturn, never using two words
where one will do. His long hair is silver, and his face
shows the weight of long years. He is still spry, however,
leading the duke’s hunts and taking young rangers into
the wilds to teach them the secrets of forests, hills, and
Kelson is not without pride. He couldn’t resist the
opportunity for one last glorious mission against the
evil threatening the North. He has aided Isteval before,
but his willingness to assault the Bloodgate has just as
much to do with protecting Shalendra and showing her
that her half-human relations have more worth than
she once thought.

Kelson Darktreader

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