Mennek Ariz




Mennek is a powerful enchanter who has long been
forced to contend with the condescension of the Red
Wizard necromancers who are his superiors. Since an
assignment to Bloodgate Keep uprooted him from Thay
and his life’s work, the haughty spellcaster has looked
for any opportunity to turn his situation around. That
opportunity appeared in the form of Baazka.
To Mennek’s superiors, he seemed to be a brilliant
designer working on the Bloodgate Nexus and the elemental
nodes. However, much of Mennek’s inspiration
came from Baazka. His ability to help the characters
teleport into the elemental nodes comes from his work
on the nexus.
Mennek was captured in the time between Scourge of
the Sword Coast and this adventure. His capture seemed
to be due to information from Shalendra. Mennek
knows it was all part of Baazka’s plan.
Mennek is one among many rebel Red Wizards who
seek the overthrow of Szass Tam and the necromantic
order. The destruction of the Bloodgate is the first step
in their plan. But even the rebels don’t know of the ties
Mennek has to Baazka and the fiend’s plan for using
the Bloodgate Nexus.

Mennek Ariz

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