Shalendra Floshin




Shalendra kept many secrets from her brother Darfin.
That humans rule in the North after the fall of elves
became a source of bitterness for her. While in Evermeet,
Shalendra met members of Eldreth Veluuthra,
a centuries-old group of elf supremacists dedicated
to wiping out humanity and reestablishing the elven
empires of old.
Baazka discovered Shalendra as she was investigating
her father’s work in Ardeep Forest. Drawn to her
bitterness and burgeoning evil, he infiltrated her mind.
Baazka convinced Shalendra to approach the Red Wizards
and make a deal. They could use the power of the
elemental nodes to reconstruct the nexus in the House
of Long Silences and thereby gain a means of sending
their armies all over the North and beyond.
Shalendra believed Baazka’s promises to help her
take control of the portal network once the Red Wizards
rebuilt it. In truth, Baazka used Shalendra as
a contingency against what he saw as the inevitable
treachery of the Red Wizards.
Under Baazka’s influence, Shalendra took over
Floshin Estate and turned its wards against her kin.
Red Wizards then began using the estate as a test site
for bringing monsters and soldiers from Thay. The
intervention of heroes from Daggerford ultimately
saved her from the dark path she was on. When she
recovered, she vowed to fight the Thayans until they
were no longer a threat to the North.

Shalendra Floshin

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