Sir Darfin Floshin





Darfin “Longwalker” Floshin has a long history in the
region. He has seen local kingdoms rise and fall, and he
has advised Daggerford dukes for ages. His father Elorfindar
aided and advised the rulers of Daggerford, often with
Darfin’s help. Much of the credit for Daggerford’s
success can be laid at the feet of these two elves.
Duty bound Elorfindar to the Ardeep Forest. The
House of Long Silences, a portal nexus that the elves
used to travel to Evermeet, required a guardian. This
forest structure was a relic of ancient elven high magic
and a means of accessing an extraplanar nexus connected
to elven portals all over the world.
Long ago, elves of Elorfindar’s line were gold-elf
supremacists. A few decades before Elorfindar died,
this threat rose anew and attempted to gain control of
the portal nexus, necessitating its destruction. Upon
Elorfindar’s death, Darfin, as the firstborn, inherited
his father’s estate but not his duty. Until Darfin’s sister
Shalendra returned, the House of Long Silences had
been quiet for nearly a century.

Sir Darfin Floshin

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